Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters:

Under Review:

  • How COVID-19 Changes the Electoral Menu of Manipulation: The 2020 Polish Presidential Election

Working Papers:

  • The Impact of Open-List Proportional Representation electoral rules on Polish democracy

Data Collection Stage:

  • Polish Clergy Survey – In the summer of 2019, I mailed almost 2,000 traditional surveys to Catholic priests in Poland. My aim is to understand what Polish priests think about democracy, democratic backsliding, the church-state separation, and procedural rule breaking. The project has been supported by the APSA Small Research Grant (2019).
  • QCA publication patterns – This project tracks every QCA related publication (articles and books) to identify the types of scientific outlets which are most QCA friendly, and also the extent to which gender gap exists among among QCA scholars.  

Please contact me for the most recent versions of my papers.

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